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Baby Teething Parent's Information Guide:
Cutting Tooth Symptoms, Natural Pain Relief, Timelines and more.

Symptoms of teething is difficult for many babies, but a stage that all infants must endure. Learn about teething timelines, tooth cutting symptoms, how to soothe the pain, and much more.

 Baby Teething Information
  Infant and Baby Teething Information for New Parents
Tips about infant teething including tooth cutting symptoms, developmental timelines of cutting teeth and soothing your baby's pain.

Teething Infant Developmental Timeline
Learn about the approximate ages you can expect your baby or toddler to cut certain teeth.

Baby Teething Signs and Symptoms
Learn to identify the common signs and symptoms of cutting teeth and when a new tooth is not the cause of your infants illness.

Pain Relief and Soothing During Teething
Learn creative ways to relieve pain including gum massage, common drugstore items and more.

Natural Teething Pain Remedies
Read about natural, homemade and homeopathic pain treatments that will soothe an infant's tooth and gum discomfort using home ingredients like agate, vanilla, cloves, and licorice root.

Teething, Crying and Night Time Relief
Information on helping a teething, fussy baby relax and sleep peacefully.

Teething Health Problems and Issues
Ear aches, fever and other flu like symptoms can be amplified during teething and may require a doctor’s attention. Learn more.

Teething Tips for Parents
4 tips all parents should know to help their baby through the pain and discomfort of teething.

Infant Teething Products to Soothe Baby
Learn about the many baby supplies and products specifically designed to aid in the teething process, relieve pain, and take care of that extra drool.

Teething Myths and Debated Pain Relief Methods
There are many "old wives tales" and myths about how to help your baby teeth more comfortably. Learn what is fact and what is fiction.

Toddler Teething and Molar Cutting
Learn about toddlers (ages 2-3) teething symptoms and schedules related to cutting molars and back teeth.
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Teething Resources

Teething Relief Advice and Aids
Teething Relief Advice and Aids

Finding safe and effective products for infant teething relief is so important. How can you ease your baby’s pain and make them more comfortable as those sharp little teeth poke their way through their gums? Teething toys and books, along with any helpful advice, are always welcome!
Help Your Baby Get Through the Pain of Teething
Help Your Baby Get Through the Pain of Teething

No single solution works for every teething baby. Some like pacifiers, some like chew toys, some need mild medications to soothe the pain. Every baby is different, which is why there are so many different products available. Try out several strategies to find what works best for making your baby most comfortable!