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Picking the Best Baby Stroller and Current Trends

When you're getting ready to buy a stroller, you may find yourself overwhelmed with options and necessities, safety considerations and fabric designs. If you aren't sure where to start, try these five tips for buying a stroller that will meet you and your baby's needs.

For Parents

At least half the stuff in the stroller or pram will belong to you, because your hands will be taken up with pushing a maneuvering the cab about the streets of your town. So look for plenty of storage; places to hang bags with Velcro straps, pouches for your favorite book and those few groceries you find on the way home, a cup holder for Mommy's Starbucks latte. Find a dedicated spot for your Ipod and cell phone. If you're determined to get your pre-baby figure back by running, look for a jogging stroller made to move fast and lithe as your little one naps underneath the sun bonnet.

For Safety

Strollers should have working brakes, so test them before buying. They should be made so that little fingers will find it impossible to reach the wheels or to get pinched in between moving parts. There should be a seatbelt-type strap for keeping the baby in, and there should be a sun and rain visor so your baby can be shaded or protected from inclement weather. Before you buy a stroller, go to a consumer reports website and make sure there are no recalls or complaints against the brand and model you're considering.

For Baby Stuff

Your stroller should be roomy enough to hold the baby, a diaper bag with its contents, a working bottle and spares. You may also need room for toys, bedding and pacifiers. If you buy a stripped down stroller thinking it will make life less complicated, remember; babies come with assorted paraphernalia that makes your life easier when you have it. Projectile vomiting in the grocery aisle? Better have room for towels and wipes. Dad wants to spend the day in the park? Pack a lot of diapers, some bottles and sunscreen.

For Transportation

There are few things more frustrating than trying to get a bulky, badly-folding stroller into the backseat of a Saturn. You may think that you're not going to travel with the stroller, but invariably you'll be asked to go somewhere in the next couple of years, and you can choose between lugging your ever-increasingly weighty child in your arms or popping him or her into a nicely designed stroller whose wheels will take the weight you'd rather not shoulder. Before you buy a stroller, beg or borrow the same one and practice folding it up and putting it in your vehicle.

For Multiple Babies

The reason not to buy a stroller before the baby is born might be because you're one of the parents who like surprises and surprise! You've got twins. Or triplets, even. It's not just that more babies take up more room; it's that all their stuff means that the stroller size you need will approach that of a tank. Look for lots of storage space!

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