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Baby Shower Games

A baby shower can be a lot of fun if the hostess has some plans beyond the gift opening. Showers should include prizes, snacks and fun and games, making the experience enjoyable for guests and a lasting memory for the mother to be.

A new mom in particular, will look upon her baby shower as a time she spent celebrating the coming of her child and cementing of friendships at a time when many parents find themselves isolated by the end of pregnancy and the tasks of parenthood. Give the girl a party! And if you must, you can even play some games.

It's not easy to come up with unique ideas for a baby shower, but there are lots of time-honored games around: the task is to choose the right ones for your guests.

There's something about baby showers that brings out the stupid in some people;on principle, let's ignore games that ask guests to smell diapers full of crushed candy or engage on other half-witted pursuits like guessing the circumference of the pregnant woman's belly. Baby showers don't have to be demeaning to be enjoyable! That said, some people like the dirty diaper game, where you don't use an actual dirty diaper—that would be gross! Used as an icebreaker, it's an excuse to give out a door prize more than anything else. Place a stack of clean, folded diapers in a basket near the door. But wait—inside one diaper is a dot of something "dirty", like peanut butter or mustard. Guests take a diaper from the stack as they enter the room, and at a signal, unfold them all at once., The guest with the dirty diaper wins a door prize.

Other games include the candy memory game or the word scramble. All words baby related are scrambled and put into a list, printed on pages to be decoded by individual guests. The event is timed, and the person who unscrambles the most words wins. Do your friends a favor: look for tricky baby words, or everyone will finish too soon and your game will look dumb.

If the idea of baby shower games leaves you in a nauseated sweat, consider something different. Arrange a nursery painting shower with the mom to be, where guests show up in old clothes and paint the nursery. Have an old-fashioned quilting bee and make a baby quilt. Go to the petting zoo to look at other people's children, and then out for a classy lunch to celebrate the new mom.

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