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Delivery: Third Stage of Labor

(Some More Pushing, but Not as Much as Before)

Now, isn't it funny that there are four doctor-certified, medically agreed-upon stages of labor when Baby is born at Stage Two? And don't they think we noticed that Stage One has several sub-parts which could easily be considered stages in their own right? So here we are at the third stage of labor. Don't make the mistake of thinking that this is where you get roses and take digital photos of the new branch on your family tree. Oh no: you still have work to do.

The good news? This stage only usually lasts about half an hour. You will still be having contractions and they will be long ones as your body prepares to rid itself of the placenta. The strong contractions put a stop to the blood flow into the placenta and help you push the placenta out of your body. At this point, you will probably be ready for a nap.

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