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Childbirth and Labor: Stages, Birthing Options & Pain Management

Childbirth experiences and stories come in all shapes and sizes from the most painful thing on the planet to a walk in the park. There are many decisions that you can make about your birthing plan before D-day arrives. Read our childbirth articles below to help make your birthing experience a good one.

 The Stages of Labor & Delivery
  The Four Stages of Labor
The baby experts have identified four stages of labor, and who are we to disagree? Labor sometimes starts with small contractions, but the usual signal that childbirth is beginning is when your waters break.
 Childbirth Preparation & Support
  Doulas: Pregnancy, Labor and Childbirth Support
Discover how doulas support mothers and babies during pregnancy, labor, childbirth, and postpartum care.

Birthing Centers Help You Have Natural, Healthy and Comfortable Childbirth
Birthing Centers – More Natural Childbirth

 Labor and Delivery Information
  Labor and Delivery: Plan for Natural Child Birth
Get information about how doulas and midwives can help plan a natural child birth experience; make labor or delivery for you and your baby better.

Pitocin During Labor: How To Avoid Medicine For Natural Delivery
Find out about pitocin use during labor and delivery; understand the risks and reasons for induction and scheduled births.

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Find Maternity Clothing Bargains

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