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C-Section Births Information

Pregnant women get cesareans, also called c-sections, for a variety of reason ranging from medical necessity to freedom of choice. What ever your reason, our information and tips on this type of birth will help educate you on the differences over natural birth, precautions and advice on after care.

 About C-Sections & Cesarean Births
Precautions & Complication After C-Section Births
Advice on what to expert after a c-section delivery (remember it's surgery) including precautions, complications and after care.

Reasons for Having a C-Section or Cesarean Delivery
Discover the common reasons why doctors will require or recommend a schedule c-section delivery or emergency cesarean birth of your baby.

Pain & Recovery After a C Section
Read advice on managing pain after a c-section and what to expect from the cesarean recovery process.

Activity Levels After a C-Section Delivery
Learn about mobility and acceptable activity levels after a cesarean birth including exercise and restricted movements.

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Healthy Options for You & Baby…
Healthy Options for You & Baby

At, you can find many products that will assist you during your pregnancy and while caring for your newborn baby. Items such as a Prenatal Heart Listener can relieve your anxiety and also help you feel closer to your baby as he or she grows inside you. Journals can make it easy to document every amazing moment of your pregnancy and birth experiences, and give you a permanent record of the exciting times you’ll have as a new parent.
Green, Eco-Friendly Baby Products
Green, Eco-Friendly Baby Products

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