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Breastfeeding: Benefits, Frequency, Breast Pumps and More

To breastfeed or not is every woman's personal choice. Below we have put together some information on benefits of breast milk, weaning techniques, pumping and other helpful tips on breastfeeding your baby.

 Breastfeeding Information & Articles
  Weaning Baby: Drying Up Breast Milk
Learn how to stop breast feeding your nursing baby & avoid engorgement by slowly weaning your infant off breast milk.

Breastfeeding & Bottle Feeding: Compare the Nutrition Benefits
Determine the nutrition health benefits of breast feeding compared to bottle feeding whether breast milk or formula is best for your baby.

Storing Breastmilk while Nursing your Baby
Discover how long frozen or refridgerated breastmilk will last when breast feeding your infant.

About Breast Milk: Nutrition, Ingredients & Biology
Discover the biology behind how and what your body produces to feed your newborn infant. Learn about the nutrition, vitimins and benefits of breast milk.

Laws on Breastfeeding in Public Places
Nursing in public has been an on-going discussion. Learn the do's and don'ts of public breastfeeding and products that will help you cover up when you want to.

Breastmilk Verses Formula: The Nutrition Advantages When Switching Your Infant
Discover the advantages of breastmilk verses formula when switching your infant from breastfeeding to bottle feeding.

How to Use a Breast Pump
Learn how to keep lactation flowing with a breast pump by using it more often while nursing & storing breast milk for your baby.
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Successful Breastfeeding Help
Successful Breastfeeding Help

Making the decision to breastfeed your baby is one of the best ways to get them started! There are a few extra things that you need to be successful with breastfeeding, for your baby’s health and yours. Get breastfeeding questions answered and the products you need at the Baby Center Store.
Studies Show: Breast is Best!
Studies Show: Breast is Best

Breastfeeding your baby is a healthy choice. A few select products and items can help keep mom comfortable and healthy, too! Whether you need a breast pump, nursing tops, a boppy pillow, or burp cloths and bibs, Baby Universe has it all. Breastfeed your baby the best way you can!