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Diaper Pail Odor - How to Deodorize

There's a reason products like the Diaper Genie use seven layers of plastic film to protect parents and surrounding creatures from diaper pail smell: there are few things more stinky than dirty diapers! Read on for five ways to keep the diaper situation in your house under nearly complete control!

1. Fact one is although newborns don't make much waste, it is toxic and nasty Velcro-type waste that we would all prefer never to see, much less smell. As your infant grows, dirty diapers will get bigger, so get a bigger diaper pail from the start. Get one with a step-open, so you can drop a diaper into it with your hands full.

2. Dirty diapers aren't nearly as bad once they've left the house. Empty the diaper pail every day, and take really bad diapers right outside to the trash can as soon as they've come off the baby. Wrap disposable diapers tightly, sticking the tabs onto the surface ofthe diaper. If you leave a single tab open, it will catch on the plastic bag in your diaper pail and tear it, or make it impossible to add more diapers to the pail. If you empty the pail at the end of the day, you'll have a few odor-free hours before starting the new pail.

3. To be effective, a diaper pail should have a plastic bag inside that's big enough to easily accommodate all the used diapers and still be easy to tie at the top for carrying to the outside garbage. You can usually use grocery bags, but always use two, because they're made of thin plastic and often have little holes in the bottom.

4. Every day, once you've emptied the diaper pail bag, spray the inside of the pail with Lysol or another disinfectant. If there are any smudges on the pail itself, wipe them up with an antibacterial wipe or a baby wipe and throw it away into the new bag. If the pail seems especially smelly, wash it out in the bathtub with a cleaner of your choice: vinegar works well for those who want a no-chemical clean; try a natural cleaner like orange oil or Simple Green. Make sure it's good and dry before replacing a new plastic bag: wet plastic breeds bacteria and –you guess it—more smell!

5. If you find your baby's room holds odors no matter what you do with the diaper pail, you may want to invest in an air cleaner that will purify the air with use of a HEPA filter. These filters also tend to keep dust down, which will help keep your baby healthy. You can also use essential oils for cleaning or scenting the air. Don't use chemical air fresheners: they're bad for your baby.

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