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Baby Tips for New Parents and Moms with Infants

Caring for newborns and babies has its challenges. Below we have complied some baby tips that will help new moms and even veteran parents like, common causes for babies to cry, nightime feeding, swaddling techniques and when babies should drink water.

 Baby Nutrition Tip
  Learn what healthy nutritional needs your new baby or infant has. The below tips will help you decide what feeding schedules and baby food is age appropriate for you child.
 Baby Clothing Tip
  These baby clothing and apparel tips will help you pick the right clothing styles that are safe, comfortable, and seasonally appropriate for your baby. Read how you can make the most of your baby clothing budget and not over buy certain items.
 Behavior Baby Tip
  Learn all about your babies cries? Is she hungry, sick, or just need attention? Find more information and tips about why your baby fusses, smiles and acts the way she does.
 Baby Diaper Tip
  Read tips about changing your baby's diaper and proper diaper disposal. Learn about how often you should change your baby's diaper and what to do if baby gets a diaper rash.
 Baby Health and Safety
  Learn how to prevent, detect, and treat common health issues that occur in babies. Also learn how to prevent dangerous situations for your baby by reading some of our baby safety tips.
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Classic Children’s Books that will Create Beautiful Memories
Classic Children’s Books that will Create Beautiful Memories

Enjoy all of your favorite classic baby and children’s stories over and over with your own children. Popular and hard-to-find editions of the best tales are only a click away. Some things never go out of style. Invest in your child’s life-long love of reading with Scholastic Books.
Children Can Learn without Computers and TV
Children Can Learn with Computers and TV

Today’s children watch entirely too much television and play too many video games. Finding other stimulating and engaging activities often tops any parent’s list of important tasks. Sometimes the simplest games and toys can be perfect for keeping young kids active and interested in learning and using their imagination.
Baby Supplies all in One Place
Baby Supplies all in One Place

Every baby product imaginable in one place? Get everything you need from Baby Universe, from shower gifts to baby supplies. The most popular, safest, and highest quality items that you need for your new baby can all be found in one place. New parents that need to save time and money will appreciate the convenience!