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Baby Diaper Bags: What to Look for in Stylish, yet Functional,
Shoulder Bags or Backpacks to Carry Your Infants Stuff

Did you ever think you'd be making your personalized fashion statement with a diaper bag? But here you are, infant in tow, with a million baby related items to juggle and an image to uphold. You might not be the type who wants to take a stork and butterfly covered bag to the office. You were once cool, with unique but classic tastes: does parenthood have to bring your fashion sense to a grinding halt?

Personalized Diaper Bags to Fit Your Custom Fashion Style

No, it doesn't. You can find diaper bags custom built for stylish people who still need a pouch for a bottle. With the advent of Daddy diaper bags, men and women have discovered that you don't have to look like you just stepped out of the baby store in order to carry everything your child needs for day at daycare, Gymboree, the office or the salon.

Even a Trendy Baby Messenger Bag for Daddy

One trendy look in diapers bags is the camouflage bag, which mimics the camera bags carried by world-weary international war reporters. If you want to add a soldierly aspect to your bearing, try something in gray green and khaki, preferably with brass fittings. You probably should opt for the backpack version: camouflage was meant to be carried on the back, not dangling over one arm. And camouflage isn't just for daddies who want to look tough: moms focusing on career maneuvers may want to go for something more businesslike: something that says, "I may be a mommy, but I can still take you out".

Leather Designer Infant Diaper Bags That are More Like a Classic Purse

But camouflage is for casual days: if you're working in a business or professional environment, it may be wiser to go with a designer bag by Coach. Designer bags say you're serious, and the high style brand name diminishes the stigma of carrying baby wipes and bottles breast milk to work.

Small, Functional Baby Bags for a Quick Outing

A small diaper bag is nearly unheard of, but if all you're doing is taking the baby out for an hour, you may be able to get away with two diapers and a flat package of wipes. In this case, you can downplay the whole diaper bag routine by going with a flat, lean bag with just two pouches. If it's monogrammed, even better: it looks like a purse. If what you want is a diaper bag that fulfills its responsibilities but still looks like a nice purse, look at the bags by Fleurville.

Monogrammed Bags Give a Personalized Look

Monograms are useful because they can help you sort your bag from others when they've been left in a pile at a party or daycare. You can also choose a bag with photo slots in the front, placing a picture of you and your baby in the bag for the fastest identification.

You can get handmade bags for all sorts of amazing prices, or you can skip the traditional baby bag suppliers and look for something vintage and groovy. Consider a leather messenger bag, which can hold enough for twins. You can find fine bags in distressed leather or suede at places like J. Peterman.

The Classic Diaper Bag (pink bunnies and all) is Still Okay

Or you may be delightfully immersed in the fun of being a parent, and you want a big, traditional diaper bag with room for everything and a fun print you won't be able to get away with after your toddler is grown. Try stores like Skiphop and Graco for classic baby diaper bag designs.

Before you get to be an old hand at knowing what to pack in a diaper bag, you may have to use a checklist. There's nothing worse than getting out for a day at the beach only to find that you brought everything you'll need—except fresh diapers. Review your bag each time before leaving the house to make sure you have what you'll need: it's amazing how few convenience stores stock things like pacifiers, baby socks and teething rings.

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