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Baby Monitors Review – Best to Keep a Watchful Ear (or Eyes) Over Your Infants Sleeping, Breathing and Nap Activities in the Nursery.

Gone are the days when one parent couldn't shower until the other came home to keep an eye on the baby! Among the many terrific baby monitoring products are even waterproof monitors that can hang in the shower and give you up-to-the-minute feedback on your baby's vocalizations. With today's' technology, parents can monitor everything that happens in the nursery, whether using a relatively cheap, sound based audio intercom or the best in a wireless digital video camera hooked up to a TV monitor. Knowing that you may to communicate with your baby even if you're in another part of the house, you may even decide to use a 2 way system that lets you talk with your baby, who can see you on a color monitor inside his or her room. Alternatively, you may only want to listen in on your child as he or she sleeps and wakes. Baby monitors are an ingenious way to save steps and to let new parents get some rest before the baby wakes.

Motion sensors are another way to keep tabs on your newborn. Because babies shift around as they sleep (we all make tiny movements when we sleep), these sensors can be placed under the mattress pad and set to sound a parental warning if there is no motion detected in 20 seconds. Perfect for parents who worry about their newborn's sleep patterns.

Preemies often stay in the parent's room until Mom and Dad feel secure. Keeping the baby in your room also affords you both some extra sleep, since it's easier to nurse the baby throughout the night. But many parents find they sleep easier with the baby in a separate room, as long as they know they can check on her. New parents, concerned about rare but dangerous SIDS, have always been known to check the newborn's breathing, but modern parents are also concerned with home security, making the infrared motion detector and alarm part of the package for nursery safety. You can buy an alarm that sounds off if there is movement in the room or at the window, and multi-room options are available. Tomy, Graco and Safety First are among the many companies currently making things to keep babies safe.

Most baby monitors can be hand held and easily moved from place to place, and most of the also come with stations that keep them powered up when they aren't being transported. And if you have two little kids, you can find dual camera and monitor setups that allow you to watch both children, even if they're in separate rooms. Monitors that transmit sound may have an option that lets you turn the audio down while still "hearing" by way of lights on the monitor. Vibrating monitors are another option for alerting a busy parent without alerting the people around her.

One very high-tech version of the baby monitor is the Mobicam 2.4 Ghz Handheld Video Monitor. It comes with an infrared camera so you can still see the baby even in a dark room, and it's a long range instrument—up to 300 feet. There is a sound sensor, and cameras can be mounted easily anywhere. Or you can simplify by getting a 5.8 ghz phone with a baby monitor option built right in.

Maintain visual and auditory contact with your preemie, infant or toddler with one of the new, handheld, wireless security cameras with small LCD screens, infrared night vision, and several different frequencies so you can choose the one that works best in your situation. Static can be an issue, since wireless devices may use the same frequency band, so make sure to choose a monitor with different frequency ranges than those for your telephone or any wireless computing devices. These cameras and wireless devices nearly always come with an AC adapter and can also be used with batteries.

A consumer reports website may provide you with helpful reviews when you're trying to choose between the many baby products available. Companies like Fisher Price, Angel Care and EvenFlo have been making baby products for decades, but technology firms Sony and Philips are getting into the game with clear LCD monitors and fine-tuned electronics. First Years makes several types of monitors, with something to suit every parent's needs. Try a nearby baby store for comparison shopping, or compare notes with other new parents who have already bought their monitors. And remember, a good rating will only be useful to you if the product really fits your needs, so take some time to think about where you'll be spending your time away from the baby, and what you're most concerned about.

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