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A Soft Baby Blanket Makes the Perfect Receiving Gift for Any New Parent

A baby blanket makes the perfect gift for a baby shower, a birth announcement or a newborn. Receiving blankets are not only beautiful but useful for bathing, cuddling and swaddling your baby, adding warmth and softness to the holding that all babies need to feel secure and loved.

A silky soft baby blanket does more than keep your child warm: it adds style to the nursery and can coordinate with other baby accessories for a designer look. Baby blankets are also useful for nursing, having a clean place to change a diaper when you're away from home, or mopping up baby related spills. After your child becomes a toddler and even a small kid, a favorite baby blanket may become an important "Blankie", used by your child for comfort and security. Some people who don't have children still buy baby blankets: their softness and small size make them perfect hand towels, and the variety of designs available let you match any décor.

How to Swaddle a Baby with a Blanket

You may find yourself using your baby blankets as towels after bathing baby, since flannel receiving blankets are softer and easier to handle than regular towels. You may also find that your baby likes to be swaddled. Some newborns and preemies feel more secure when they're tucked into a blanket in the traditional swaddle. They may cry less and sleep more soundly when swaddled in a blanket. To swaddle your child, spread out the baby blanket and fold over one corner of it. Put Baby face up on the blanket with her head on the folded corner. Wrap the left hand corner over the baby and tuck it under, then bring up the bottom of the blanket over her feet. Next, wrap the right side of the blanket around the baby. Don't cover your baby's face, and don't wrap her tightly. Some babies respond to swaddling, because the snugness feels good: the baby feels contained. But some infants like to have their arms and legs free to move around: a baby who doesn't like to be swaddled will let you know by struggling, crying or thrashing out of the blanket. Swaddling is only for babies who like the feel of the blanket around their bodies: infants who don't like to be swaddled shouldn't be.

Options in Newborn Blankets

There are as many baby blanket styles as there are children, and it's tough to choose between them because they're all wonderful. Romantic cashmere baby blankets, made with satin edges and embroidered flowers, or fun, playful designs of modern designs, like animal prints, trucks and trains or Disney and Winnie the Pooh characters are all available in fabrics ranging from cotton to knit fleece. For the perfect newborn gift, you may decide to have a handmade baby blanket personalized with Baby's name or choose a monogrammed designer blanket. If you like the way crochet adds a lacy look to the nursery, you can find custom knit or crocheted baby blankets online. Companies like Lillaboo, Carters, Morgan and Koala make wonderful baby blankets in a variety of styles.

Keep all Types of Blankets Handy

Your baby blanket wardrobe should contain blankets suited to all occasions and climate changes. Keep a warm fleece blanket for trips to the beach or evening ballgames; you'll have the added security of knowing that if the weather grows cool while you're out, your baby will stay warmly bundled in his or her thermal blanket. A flannel quilt is ideal for rocking your child to sleep at night, a luxury for mom and infant. A luxury cashmere baby blanket makes a unique and beautiful gift to stay in the house for use on special occasions. Chenille blankets are wonderfully soft and usually washable, so you can combine comfort and elegance with frequent use. And for decorating the nursery, you may want to search out trendy, vintage inspired baby blankets in old patterns and antique fabrics.

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