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Best Baby Bottle Choices:

Benefits of Chemical Free Glass vs. Plastic Bottles
For some years now, plastic baby bottles have been considered the best choice because they couldnít break, but with recent discoveries of the dangers of a chemical in plastic called bisphenol A (BPA), people are changing back from plastic to tempered glass bottles. A small amount of BPA has been shown to damage hormonal systems in males and females, contributing to reproductive diseases and cancer. A recent study done by Environmental Defense found that more than 90% of plastic baby bottles leach BPA. The news was frightening enough for BPA to be banned in Canada, although the FDA remains indecisive. Look for bottles made without added chemicals, colors and plastics.

Benefits of Glass

Choosing a tempered glass baby bottle or sippy cup (tempered glass is much harder to break) and a clear silicon nipple (buy one made without nitrosamines) are the safest options for a chemical-free bottle. Latex nipples are also an option, and some babies are safe with them, but others develop latex allergies. The nipple size determines flow size, which should be matched to the age of your child: an infant takes a smaller nipple and lower flow size than a toddler. Schedule regular nipple changes as your child grows. Nipples come in different shapes, too. A newborn with problems breastfeeding may prefer a different kind of teat on the bottle: you may need to experiment to find the right design for your child.

The drawback to glass bottles is that they can be broken, especially by toddlers whoíve reached the hurling stage. Glass tends to be heavier, and may get chipped over time and need replacing, but experts seem to agree that glass is best in terms of its food safety qualities. Glass bottles are still quite cheap: one online company sells chemical free, 8 ounce glass bottles, marked in ounces, with nipples and rings for under $12. You can buy specialized bottle warmers or do your warming the old-fashioned way, heating the formula or milk over low heat on the stove. Sterilizing bottles is easily done on a daily schedule in the dishwasher, but according to WedMD, unless your water supply is contaminated, you donít need to sterilize bottles or nipples; cleaning with a bottle brush, washing and rinsing should be adequate.

Using Liners is Healthy Advantage

Liners made by brand like Gerber, Avent and Platex can be used if your baby is prone to gas pains: the liner keeps air from entering the formula as the bottle empties. Try to find a liner that is BPA free. The benefits of vented bottles include equalizing the pressure in the bottle so the babyís sucking is uninterrupted and there are no spills. Keeping air from entering your babyís stomach may also help prevent colic.

A designer system isnít necessary, but itís an excellent baby gift: you can supply parents with bottles, nipples, tightening rings, liners, warmers and even bottle brushes, making the bottle feeding experience as easy as possible. Buying a whole system may mean getting it at a healthy discount, as the advantages of buying a set often include getting it several matching products at a cheaper price.

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