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Baby Bedding Shoping Guide: Finding the Sheets, Quilts and Blankets for an Infant Crib

Choosing baby bedding can be a lot of fun, because baby sheets, comforters and quilts come in so many types and fabrics. You can do your nursery in '70s inspired paisley and tie-dye, or go Victorian with white lace and ruffles. Match the color of your baby's eyes, or choose your favorite color and design the nursery around it. You can choose luxury designer baby bedding from one of the world's most famous designers, or indulge your own love of sports with a set of race-car bedding. Let's face it: your baby isn't going to have much preference for a particular design, so you may as well please yourself. Always wanted lady bug sheets but couldn't find them to fit your queen sized bed? Find them in baby bedding from stores like Carters.

What kinds of baby bedding items does your infant need

When you're shopping for bedding, you may need to buy crib bumpers that tie to the bars of the crib and keep your child away from the wood or metal railings. Bumpers are often included in entire bedding sets, so you can match the bedding design to the bumper. Bumpers are sometimes covered in plastic for easy clean-up, but cotton bumpers are washable and are a better choice for your child's health. Aside from bumpers, you may want a protective sheet so you won't have to wash the mattress too often after nighttime diaper leaks: get three so there's one on the bed, one in the hamper and one in the washing machine. Next, you'll find a fitted sheet, top sheet, blanket for cold weather and comforter or bedspread for the top. Matching pillow cases complete the set, although may people choose not to have pillows in the crib. In some sets, you will also find a matching canopy for a pulled together look, but if you find the perfect sheet set without a canopy, don't worry: you can make a pretty, affordable canopy yourself out of colored tulle or organza from the fabric store.

Choosing a nursery theme for your infant bedding set

Some people choose their nursery themes based on whether their infant is a boy or a girl, and some go gender neutral with themes like Noah's Ark, Sesame Street or Winnie the Pooh. For a unique comforter or quilt, you may decide to have your bedding custom made: there are plenty of companies that can create the look you want for your baby's crib bedding.

You may want to choose two themes; one for the nursery and one for a portable crib that travels through the house as you keep your newborn or preemie near you. Combine a classic nursery design like sun, moon and stars with another more playful classic like frog bedding. Go ultra-modern in solid colors to fit in with your living room, and get frilly and silly in the nursery. A lot of what goes on in the world of infant accessories and necessities is about letting parents have fun choosing creative and unique nursery items. How often in your life will you be buying round sheets covered with lily pads and butterflies? Or choosing the tiniest blanket in chenille and lace for a heritage maple cradle? Shopping for your baby can be so much fun!

When Baby Grows Up – Toddler Bedding and Beyond

And it doesn't have to stop with babyhood. Buying bedding for your toddler means choosing bright colors, bold patterns and the stimulating designs that can help you teach your growing-up kid color and shape names. Choose animal fabrics or ocean and sail boat themes to help with story time at night and wordplay in the daytime. Your toddler probably still won't be ready to express an opinion, but you can choose bedding that does more than keep your child warm at night: it can create your child's conversation and inspire creativity in you both.

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