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New Baby Needs & Infant Essentials Check List

Bringing a baby in to house requires lots of new things. Diapers, cribs, infant monitors and much more are included in this essential baby items list. Take a look through our list of needed newborn items and get advice on the do's and don'ts of each item.

New Baby Needs & Infant Essentials Check List
  Baby Diaper Choices: Using Cloth or Disposable, Making Eco-Friendly and Affordable Decisions
Learn how to choose between cloth and disposable baby diapers; get inexpensive, environmentally-friendly solutions.

Best Baby Bottles for Your Healthy Baby: Glass vs. Plastic
Learn about the safest and best plastic and glass baby bottles options for healthy newborns and toddlers.

Baby Crib Furniture Help For Parents of Newborn Infants
If you are a new parent buying a baby crib for your infant, you want to combine safety with a long-lasting, durable piece of beautiful furniture you'll be glad to someday hand down to your child.

Baby Monitors Review and Buying Guide
Over recent years infant monitor technology has become much more complicated with tons of new features that may or may not be within your budget. Discover what type of baby monitor will fit your needs, while your child grows from newborn to toddler, without breaking the bank.

Baby Strollers: What Parents Should Know Before Buying
The stroller section at any local baby store can be overwhelming for a new parent. Infant strollers range drastically in price, so this guide will help you pick a stroller within your budget, but more importantly, one that fits your lifestyle too.

Car Seat & Stroller Combos: Is This Right for You?
A infant car seat and baby stroller combination is a great way to purchase two baby items that function as one. Could be a great space saver too! However, these combinations can be a bit more pricey than buying these two items separately, so use this guide to make sure your combo stroller / car seat functions in a way that fits your child's age and your travel lifestyle.

Baby Diaper Bags: What to Look for in Stylish, yet Functional
Did you ever think you'd be making your personalized fashion statement with a diaper bag? But here you are, infant in tow, with a million baby related items to juggle and an image to uphold. You might not be the type who wants to take a stork and butterfly covered bag to the office.

Car Seat: How to Buy the Safest to Protect Your Infant
Most if not all states require that parents bring the newborn baby home in an approved baby car seat, and no wonder! When car seats are installed and used correctly, up to 75% of injuries to infants can be prevented in the event of auto accidents.

Car Seat Regulations: Rear Facing, Front Facing and Boosters for Children
If you aren't sure how to install a car seat, don't fake it! Some estimates say that up to 80% of car seats are not installed properly, and that can cause disaster. If you don't feel very confident that you can install your choice of car seat exactly as it should be, find someone who can do the job for you.

Baby Bedding: Choosing a Theme and Infant Crib Necessities
Choosing baby bedding can be a lot of fun, because baby sheets, comforters and quilts come in so many types and fabrics. You can do your nursery in '70s inspired paisley and tie-dye, or go Victorian with white lace and ruffles.

Changing Tables Buying Guide: Does your Nursery Need More Storage, Another Dresser or Just a Place to Change Babyís Diapers
One of the most indispensable pieces of furniture in your house is going to be your baby changing table. Don't discount the importance of this item: it's not merely an accessory. You're going to be changing your child around 10-15 times a day for at least a year and a half, which comes out to a modest estimate of 5,500 diaper changes!

Baby Shoes: What if Your Infant Needs Wide Widths?
Newborn's feet are nearly square, with a wide breadth and a high instep, requiring wide baby shoes. The foot lengthens while your child grows and begins to use her feet for standing and walking, but baby feet are for crawling and kicking: they don't need to be long at first!

A Soft Baby Blanket Make the Perfect Receive Gift
A baby blanket makes the perfect gift for a baby shower, a birth announcement or a newborn. Receiving blankets are not only beautiful but useful for bathing, cuddling and swaddling your baby, adding warmth and softness to the holding that all babies need to feel secure and loved.

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