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Infant Teething Aids and Products to Help Sooth Baby through Cutting a Tooth

The variety of teething products available for babies

There are dozens of products made to help babies who are teething, from homeopathic tablets to pacifiers, teething biscuits or cookies and a variety of toys made of rubber or plastic.

Teething rings are an old favorite: the baby can easily grasp them while chewing, and many of the new ones can be chilled in the refrigerator to help numb infants' sore gums. Because babies go through teething for such a long period of time, parents may wind up with all sorts of teething aids: anything to keep the baby from gnawing on the crib rail! The long and the short of it is that when your child is uncomfortable, you want to do whatever you can to bring relief. Cutting teeth can make babies restless and cranky, but there are things you can do to alleviate discomfort. Supply your baby with mouth-friendly chewables like cold baby

bagels, popsicles or even a wet washcloth for cool, comfortable gnawing.

A soothing blanket or toy can soothe and distract an infant

Some babies discover a great fondness for a particular blanket or stuffed animal toy about the time they start teething: your child may become attached to a blanket, finding comfort in its smell or feel. Babies may learn to use blankets to soothe themselves and to get to sleep in the way a sleepless adult might like to read or watch TV until falling asleep. If your baby has such a blanket (or a bear or other toy), you may find that just having it around helps your child to relax.

Basic baby bib shield baby’s clothes from teething drool

Teething occasions lots of drooling, and you may find your baby goes through bibs like they're made of tissue paper. Buying extra bibs is a good idea, because without them your infant could be completely soaked from the amount of saliva spilling out of the mouth. When your baby is cutting teeth, bibs aren't just for meal times; you may want to keep a bib on your baby any time she isn't sleeping. Gerber and Carter make baby bibs, blankets, pacifiers, teething rings and other infant paraphernalia that may make your home life easier when teething commences.

Drooling can cause other problems besides wet clothes, receiving blankets, bibs and parents. All that saliva can give babies a rash around the mouth: the skin becomes irritated from being wet all the time or being mopped up on a regular basis. A little petroleum jelly applied around the mouth and chin can help protect from rash.

Over the counter medications can relieve tooth cutting pain

Once a first tooth pops through with little fuss from the baby, many parents heave a sigh of relief. But, while some infants show no particular discomfort with the early milk teeth, when the molars start to appear, there may be a drastic change in attitude. The first teeth that typically break through are the incisors, the front teeth. Usually, the two bottom middle incisors appear, followed by the four upper incisors, followed by the canines and then the front and back molars. But whereas the incisors are fairly thin with a definite edge, the molars are broad. The wider profile of the molars means there is more pressure over a larger portion of the gums than for incisors, and that can cause more pain. You may find that a baby who was perfectly happy chewing on a damp cloth will suddenly need pain medicine, either baby doses of Motrin or Tylenol or numbing gels, or both.

Humphrey's and other homeopathic teething tables

Hylands homeopathic teething tablets can ease the pain and help babies sleep when an oncoming tooth is causing discomfort. Hylands' homeopathic teething gel is a sugar-free, all natural product that soothes restless babies and calms swollen gums. Applied inside the mouth, the gel is an aid for babies who are wakeful and restless from teething pain.

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