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Infant Teething Pain Relief Tips:
Comforting & Soothing Your Baby’s Gums

The pain of teething is normal, and often not bothersome enough to disturb your baby's good mood or even sleeping habits. But, many parents discover that cutting teeth causes their infants to become restless and irritable, interfering with sleep as well as eating.

When your baby can't sleep because of teething pain, there are several methods you can use to help comfort her. You can use topical medicines to anesthetize the sore gums; internal pain medications in pill or liquid form can reduce the pain perception at the level of the brain, homeopathic remedies can stimulate the body to produce its own pain relief and home remedies like cold foods, massage and things to bite on can either numb the gums or reduce the pain from pressure. You have a lot of options, and when your child is having a tough time with teething, you may want to try them all! Start with the simple things first: they often work best..

Pain Remedies to Soothe Your Baby’s While Cutting New Teeth

You can soothe sore gums by letting your child chew or suck on chilled teething rings, frozen baby bagels or popsicles, but when teething pain causes your child trouble sleeping, you may decide to turn to medicine to help you and your baby get some rest. Baby versions of both Motrin and Tylenol are available, and you can get your child's correct dosage of Ibuprofen you’re your pharmacist. Some parents find that their infants do better with one medicine than with another, so you may want to try one first and then compare their effects.

Helpful Tips About Massaging Your Infants Gums and Mouth

Other ways of helping your child cope with the pain of a coming tooth include simply massaging the gums with your own finger, which can alleviate the tooth pain by equalizing the pressure on the gums as the tooth below is pressing upwards. Letting a child chew on a pacifier may also help, and you may keep spare binkies in the fridge so you can swap for a cool one once in awhile. Lots of parents say that letting their child suck on a cold, wet washcloth helps, and even thought it's a homely sort of remedy, enough people swear by it that it would be wrong to ignore the advice. The other bonus is that the washcloth can absorb some of the drool that can otherwise drench an infant from head to toe.

Pain gel is another option for daytime, deadening sensation in the gums and mouth for a relatively short period of time. But if it helps relieve the pain even for a little while, it may make the difference between sleeping babies and screaming ones.

When your child is in pain, you want to do whatever possible to make it better: stockpiling medicine, oral gels, teething aids and tips from your friends may be able to help you through the worst of teething. Homeopathic pain pills may also be useful: Hylans makes a teething remedy that's known as safe and effective.

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