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Infant Teething Relief Methods Under Debate

The teething relief method under constant debate is the age-old remedy of rubbing rum or whiskey on the baby's gums. Some parents swear this is the only thing that works: others say that people who rub their children with alcohol should be sent immediately to prison.

Reading the web looking for doctors who strongly advocate or strenuously object seems to be a losing battle: the medical profession, for once, is silent. So, how can a mere writer come up with the correct answer to this question?

Rum on Babies Gums to Relieve Pain?

Obviously, you shouldn't give your children liquor to drink. Alcohol, as we all know, has never been good for anyone, for any reason, yet we persist in making and drinking it because the human animal seems to have a constant craving to alter reality by way of toxic drugs.

If you are someone who subscribes to the idea that it's fine to rub a little rum on a baby's gums, you're not going to put rum in the bottle and give it to her. A little rum means just that: enough to go on a Q-tip or the end of your finger.

Some people will argue that cough medicines have some alcohol in them and that the numbing agents in over the counter teething gels can do weird things to babies' throats and mouths and that a little rum first is nothing compared to the creepy pharmaceuticals we inflict on our children from birth on.

I suspect that people use rum because their mothers tell them it's okay, and because the baby won't stop screaming and because it's two in the morning and every teething medicine known to man has first been used and finally, failed.

Are teething stones safe?

The use of a teething stone also causes disagreement and debate among teething experts. Of primary concern is whether they are choking hazards. Teething necklaces aren't safe: why in the world would you wrap a string around your infant's neck? Just because the string has stones fastened on it doesn't make it any less of a danger to babies, who don't have the understanding or the coordination to keep necklaces from getting caught on other things or from becoming twisted and tight. Never put a necklace on a baby. Besides that, any bead small enough to go into an infant's mouth shouldn't be anywhere near an infant. Necklaces are never unbreakable, and it only takes one rolling stone to choke a child.

Some teething stones are embedded in teething rings: apply the rule you use for any toy in establishing child safety: if there are moving parts, they must be engineered in such a way that they can't come apart. Look for solid state teething rings: you may not find teething stones in such rings because a piece of amber large enough to be an entire teething ring would be expensive and rare indeed.

Can Amber Relieve Infant Teething Pain?

Historically, amber has been used to alleviate the pain of cutting a tooth, as has agate and coral. Some people would say it's ridiculous to think that merely being in the presence of a particular stone can cause a change in one's health; anyone who's received a large diamond as a gift might say otherwise! Once the choking hazard is removed from the equations teething stones of nearly any kind are effective because they are smooth, cool and hard. When babies cutting teeth want to chew and bite on something they prefer ice, frozen foods (that can't be choked on), cold carrots and all things smooth, cool and hard.

If you look around for dangers of homeopathic teething tablets, you'll find there are none. They beat alcohol, gels and stones for safety.

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