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Baby Stroller Buying Guide: Trends, Needs and Reviews of the Best Infant Stroller Technology

If you're wondering about the difference between a baby carriage, a baby buggy and a pram, chances are you're shopping for a baby stroller. And if you're a brand new parent, you're wondering what you're going to need from your baby stroller. You may be confused by the hundreds of brands and dozens of styles available to you. And you need a stroller to do more than stroll. Chances are, you need it to do a bit more than roll a baby around the block once a week! If you're like most new parents, you'd like a stroller than can accommodate children as small as a preemie and as big as an active toddler. You're in luck: with companies like Bugaboo and Eddie Bauer providing transportation options for the whole family, there are strollers for nearly every need!

Lightweight, Folding Baby Strollers Are Easy to Get in and Out of the Car

Most parents want baby strollers that can fit easily into the family car. Stollers that fold easily and with no fuss (preferably one-handed, because you may be holding you-know-who in your other arm) are also much appreciated by parents. The best stroller we found in out overall review is lightweight but sturdy enough to be nearly indestructible. It should hold more than the child, because you will need a place for a diaper bag, travel bag, baby accessories, bottles and a teddy bear. Lightweight strollers can weigh less than 20 pounds, and are a great choice for parents who will be lifting them in and out of cars or carrying them up and down stairs. Look at the strollers on offer from Combi and Baby Trend for the latest in lightweight strolling.

Are you planning to power walk or go jogging with your baby's stroller?

For the family that likes jogging, the baby stroller should have excellent suspension and room for Mom's water bottle. Companies like Chicco and Quinny make the latest in groovy jogger strollers with plenty of room for accessories. For day trips with friends, a cup holder is a good thing, and as your baby grows, it would be nice if the stroller can accommodate a larger child. A hooded stroller is better, because you'll want to keep the sun out of baby's eyes on hot days, and for the day when going running means coming home in the rain, you may deter your child's screeching if there's a canopy protecting the top of her head. And for parents who love to bike, there are strollers that also operate like bike trailers, so you can bring your child along with you on your favorite rides.

Buying Advice about buying used or discount strollers

Whether you're looking for a single, double or tandem (for twins) or triple (for triplets, you lucky thing!), the stroller should be compact enough to fit into elevators (if you live in the city) and narrow enough to stay on sidewalks. You can find used strollers in fairly good condition, but be careful about buying strollers from discount stores: like luggage, the best strollers are often not the ones on sale for amazingly low prices. Look for good strollers from MacLaren and Valco.

A baby stroller is the perfect gift for new parents as long as you know exactly which one they want. Choosing a stroller is like picking out a car: you're going to be spending a lot of time dealing with it—it's a travel system that frees parents and children from the house! Since many young parents spend a lot of time at home with the new baby, being able to take a walk outside or run down to the store is made so much simpler by having a way to bring baby along without actually having to carry the baby and all that pink or blue paraphernalia. And for special needs children or for children with disabilities, the stroller provides a way to start the socialization process early, as you can take your baby out to meet other moms and kids in local parks and playrooms.

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