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Traveling Safe with a Infant Stroller and the Convenience of a Car Seat Combo

But there's more to the stroller than a simple streetside conveyance. An entire travel system consists of a standard stroller as well as an infant car seat, making it possible or even easy to get your child from one place to the other without the struggle of fitting little arms and legs into new slots every half hour. Babies are sweet, but it's not easy to drag a little kid out of a stroller only to shove his protesting limbs into yet another seat. Infants wiggle, and even a cooperative child doesn't have the understanding or coordination to help a backpack-laden parent move everything from the stroller to the car seat. A travel system makes putting the baby into the car and back into the stroller about as easy as it can get.

How Does a Baby Car Seat Stroller Combo Work?

With the travel system, the base of the seat stays in the car, and the rest of the seat is in the stroller. This system makes it a breeze to take baby from the stroller to the car without having to change seats. Simply fit the seat from the stroller onto the base in the car, and fasten the seat belt.

Rear Facing Strollers are Best for Newborn Infants Especially

Experts have said that it's better to have a stroller that seats the child facing the caregiver instead of facing out. When children face their parents, even in infancy, the rate of communication between the two is much higher than when their eyes don't meet. In addition to providing a stroller that meets your child's safety needs, the right stroller can add to his or her quality of life. Look at Graco and Rocawear to find the stroller that suits your baby best.

Make Sure Your Baby's Stroller is a Safe Stable Design

The best strollers, like all child accessories, should be both baby proof and baby safe. They should be very stable, so if you drape a bag over the front, the stroller still won't tip. They should have decent brakes, to prevent the runaway stroller scenes so prominently featured in movies about babies. There should be no sharp edges, no rough metal or things that can pinch little fingers. The stroller should fit around the baby in such a way that tipping over or falling out is impossible. (Very small babies will either be lying down or older ones may be propped up between pillows or blankets). There should be a five point harness for babies. Wheels should be well out of your child's reach.

Test Stroller Height for Comfort and Make Sure it Fits Your Activities

For parents, the stoller's height should be comfortable—you can look for ones with adjustable handles if the usual fixed handles are too high or too low for your comfort. Padded handles are also a boon: you can find them covered with foam rubber. After all, you'll be spending as much time pushing the stroller as your baby will spend sitting in it! When you try a stroller out, pay attention to how it takes corners, what it does on bumpy sidewalks, and where the wheels are placed in relation to your stride. It will drive you crazy if your feet bump into stroller wheels every time you want to move a little faster.

You will be spending a lot of time with the stoller you buy, so make sure to get one that suits your lifestyle best. If you drive a lot, get the stroller with the convertible car seat to make it easy on both you and your baby going from car to house to car again. Most parents of small children are inundated with toys, bottles, diapers, and their own books, water bottles, gym clothes and cell phones, so you may want to get a stroller with plenty of storage space. If you want something built for speed and endurance, a lightweight or jogging stroller may fit the bill, and if you just want to keep things simple, find a stroller that folds flat with one hand. Want a stroller to see your child through toddler-hood? Get one that allows for infants to lay flat but that can also be set up to let children sit up when they reach the proper age. With the right stroller, your mobility and your child's comfort will be taken care of by one, multi-purpose and oh so convenient method of transport.

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