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Keepsake Baby Ink Footprints and Handprints Easy Home Frame Kits

One of the first things that happens to your baby after bring born, weighed and bathed, is the footprint taken at the hospital for the birth certificate. But some hospitals no longer take the identification footprint, and besides, the keepsake version of your baby's handprint or footprint is so much nicer!

You can choose the colors of the mat, the paper and the ink, for a personalized venture in making baby art. You can frame the prints, which are done with a non-toxic, baby safe ink, or work from a specialized kit that allows you to cast an actual impression, like a foot print in sand, only lasting forever. Foot print kits come with beautiful frames and acid-free mats in pastel colors. Or, for a unique addition to the nursery, use your child's foot or hand as a stamp and put customized prints on a paper border. You can even create a piece of footprint art—place the entire footprint in the lower left part of the page, and then carefully press each toe's print above and to the right for a whimsical and pretty touch. And don't forget that baby safe inks now come in a rainbow of colors! They are free of acid, wash off easily with a baby wipe or some baby oil, and are smooth enough to catch every tiny line in your baby's foot and transfer it perfectly to paper.

Foot print and hand print ink or clay kits are the perfect baby shower gift

Baby footprint and handprint kits are the perfect answer to a baby shower invitation: the gift of a quality keepsake is thoughtful and generous for parents who may be overwhelmed by the number of baby things they need to buy. There's nothing smaller and more delicate than the foot or hand of a newborn baby, and parents will always treasure the memento. You can find baby print kits made to work for birth announcements, with a baby photo on one side and the print on the other, or you can get kits complete with frames in painted wood or delicate metal. Some come with keepsake boxes, so you can add other treasures such as baby shoes or bracelets. Some kits come with a progression of impression "patty cakes" so parents can take handprints of their children throughout the coming years.
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Try these hand and foot print keepsake
kits to preserve your baby tiny print in clay or ink . . .

Many footprint kits are available in larger sizes, so they make ideal gifts for first birthdays or newborn or preemie showers. They're also great gifts for Dad, who might otherwise be feeling a little left out. A footprint kit can encourage new dads to explore what it's like to play with a newborn without being afraid of making a mistake. Young siblings will also benefit, as they can help with making impressions or stamping things around the house. Best of all, grandparents will love the prints and impressions, and the frames and keepsake boxes will fit perfectly on any desk as a reminder of your family's latest addition.

Make sure your keepsake newborn ink or clay footprint is baby safe

If you're taking an impression or even doing a 3D casting of your baby's hands or feet, you'll be glad to know that modern casting material is made of alginate, a seaweed derivative that's completely safe. Dentists use alginate to make impressions of people's mouths and teeth. And unlike clay, alginate is quite soft, so it's easy to take impressions by simply pressing Baby's hands or feet into the material.

Some parents say they wish they had created more lasting mementoes of their children's babyhood: babies grow so fast, and you can't get it back once you miss it. Making keepsake books, keeping your children's first toys and bibs in a toy box and keeping track of their growth and accomplishments are all ways of honoring your child's birth and growth. If you're looking for projects that capture the theme of your child's birth, making keepsake baby ink footprints and handprints are perfect activities for new parents and babies. Simply apply the safe ink to your baby's foot, and press gently to a piece of paper. You may even want to do the whole family, comparing parent's grown-up feet to Baby's tiny toes. For parties, use the baby safe ink to create prints on paper tablecloths or even curtains, and your youngster will enjoy making her own prints as she gets to be three or four years old. As your child grows up from tot to toddler to youngster, to terrible teen, it will sometimes seem impossible that he or she was ever so tiny! But you'll have the proof, in a beautiful, lasting piece of homemade art. You will love the first art project you do with your new baby!

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