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Expecting a new baby in the house is an exciting and nerve wacking time in any new mothers life. Find articles about new baby products, keepsake creations and other fun ideas for families with infants.

 Featured Baby Product Review
  Monitor Baby's Heart Beat at Home with a Fetal Doppler
Once you've achieved maternity, there are a range of interesting products that can help you make the most of your fertilized condition. One of our favorites is the BabyBeat, a doppler-type ultrasound device that lets you measure your baby's heartbeat from as early on as ten weeks into your pregnancy.
 Must Have Baby Keepsake Item
  Baby Ink Footprint and Handprint Easy Keepsake Kits
Did you know that some hospital stopped taking inked footprint and handprints of you newborn baby? Such a cherished keepsake should not be ignored, so luckily there are many easy baby footprint and handprint frame kits that are baby safe and easy to do at home. Plus, these kits are an even nicer keepsake then what the hospitals provide.
 New Baby Essential Needs Checklist
  Guide to Baby Strollers Trends
If you're wondering about the difference between a baby carriage, a baby buggy and a pram, chances are you're shopping for a baby stroller. And if you're a brand new parent, you're wondering what you're going to need from your baby stroller.

Infant Strollers with Car Seat Combos Travel Well
There's more to the stroller than a simple streetside conveyance. Some are lightwieight, meant for jogging, or travel easily. Learn which styles might fit you travel needs.

Read about more essential items your baby will need to have your home from the hospital.

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Active Baby Products that Make Traveling a Breeze
Active Baby Products that Make Traveling a Breeze

Today’s active families require some special equipment. Keeping your baby safe and comfortable while on the move is made much easier when you have the right stuff! The latest and greatest strollers, carseats, backpacks, and bike trailers make staying active fun, your active baby will love getting out and about.
Innovative Baby Products You Can Trust
Innovative Baby Products You Can Trust

Safety and quality rank highest for parents when they’re looking for innovative baby products. Trusted brand names and parent-approved products give new parents precious peace-of-mind knowing their baby is safe and comfortable. Bunny Berry offers parents high quality and affordable choices for every baby need you can imagine.
Stock Up on Everything Baby for Less
Stock Up on Everything Baby for Less

You’ll be needing to stock up on baby clothes, feeding accessories, and safety items for your new baby. Finding everything you need in one easy-to-use location can save tons of precious time, and also a few bucks! Enjoy a monthly newsletter filled with helpful tips and advice from BabyDirect.